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FAQs: Lounge


Q - Can ONE lounge usage period be broken in two visits?

A - No, The Lounge usage is for one time usage.

      The guests can exit and re-enter the lounge multiple times during the purchased lounge usage duration.


Q - Do we store luggage of guest using the lounge in their absence?

A - No. We do not store guest Luggage at Ambassador Transit Lounge


Q - Does the Lounge serve Vegetarian Food?

A - The Lounge Buffet has options of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food.


Q.- Does the Lounge usage price include napping area?

A - The napping bed is not included in the Lounge Usage price.


Q.- Mode of payments accepted at the Lounge?

A - We accept the following Credit Cards: Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, JCB

      We accept the following currencies for Payments:

      Singapore Dollars, US Dollar, Australia Dollar, British Pounds, Euro, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Chinese Yuan

FAQs: Hotels


Q - I wish to stay in the Ambassador Transit Hotel. How do I collect my luggage?

A – You do not have access to your check-in luggage if you are in transit.


Q – How do I transfer my luggage if I stay in the Ambassador Transit Hotel?

A – If both arriving and departing are the same airlines, please go to the Transfer Lounge below the Ambassador Transit Hotels to check-in for your departing flight and your luggage will be transferred automatically.


Q - What happens if both arriving and departing airlines are not the same airline?

A – If arriving and departing airlines you are flying with are different and have inter-airlines agreement you can check-in for your departing flight at the Transfer Lounge. Please check with your airline for further details.


Q – Can I stay if I am travelling with a budget airline?

A – Most budget airlines do not have interlined agreement with full-fledged airlines; therefore you have to clear Immigration to collect your luggage you in the Arrival Hall. Once in Arrival Hall you will have to check-in for your next flight and issued with an onward boarding pass to re-enter Departure Transit Lounge area. If you are unable to early check-in, you will not be able to stay with Ambassador Transit Hotel.


Q – If I collect my luggage after flight arrival how do I re-enter the Departure Transit Lounge area where the Ambassador Transit Hotels are located?

A – You will not be able to re-enter the Departure Transit Lounge as your departing airline check-in counter may not be open, to issue you an onward boarding pass. Please check with your airlines for further details.


Q- If I am coming from the city can I stay at the Transit Hotel?

A - Please ensure your departing airline has an early check-in that issues boarding pass.

Upon issuance/endorsement by the airline, it enables you to enter the Departure Transit Lounge (Restricted Area) where the Transit Hotels are located. Some airlines check-in counters open 2 to 3 hours before the estimated time of departure. Please check :  for early check-in airlines.











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